Terry's Comics eBay Auctions May 2020

A new month, new bills to pay!
I still have no Convention sales, they have been all getting canceled.
now San Diego and Rose City ( Portland) in September, have been cancelled.
I want to thank eberybody that bid on my last batch off eBay auctions.
Some went way below GPA but others did well, overall I was happy.
Those that have not delt with me before, pklease let me introduce myself .
Terry's Comics has over 40-years experience buying and selling collectible
comics, and specializesin rare and classic Gold & Atomic age comics,
Especially marvel comics from the 1950's ( Atlas)
I am also an Comics Guarantee Company (CGC) authorized dealer, Overstreet
Price Guide (OPG) advisor, and a producer/promoter of comic-collector shows:
including California Comicbook Convention (CalComicCon ) a old school show.
Just for keeping afloat I went through my EBay Store inventory an decideded
to offer some great Horror comics.
they are starting at 60% off my list price in an auction in my eBay store,
Terry's Comics EBay StoreI also have been listing my non graded inventory in
my Corporation EBay site. OACI_Nationwide Store , the best kept secret of the
internet Comic World.
All of the comics listed are way below my cost with no reserve! Make sure to check GPA!